Street View Test


PSFK; Trendhunter; Google Creative Sandbox

Cannes; D&AD; New York Festivals; Golden Drum; ADC*E; Eurobest

For almost a century, driving school students have been learning road traffic on abstract, illustrated questionnaires. We changed this, by reinventing the tests for the digital age. “Street View Test” is the first driving school method using Google Street View scenarios. Students can now understand better driving, by learning traffic theory on the very streets they will drive on. The website picks places found by the instructors in Google Street View to generate test questions, in the official exam format. Plus, experienced drivers can flag traffic mistakes or unusual situations on Google Street View, and the ACR instructors constantly add them to the method.

By the way, I also picked all the relevant situations by hand together with the ACR instructors. So, for sure, if advertising doesn’t go well for me, I’ll definitely land a job as a digital traffic instructor.